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A.I. Enterprise always works with an aim without polluting the environment in any way, the Company follows all type of rules and regulation of Pollution Control Board.


Our Successful Journey

Science the establishment of A.I. Enterprise in the year 2003, the two partners Mr. Giridhari Mandal and Mr. Biswajit Guha


Pollution Free Service

A.I. Enterprise always works with an aim without polluting the environment in any way.


Great Transportation

A.I.ENTERPRISE is completely committed to provide superior service and professional behavior.



A.I.ENTERPRISE take special care in understanding the client's needs. Customers have come to count on our expertise and our willingness to work in total co-operation towards maximum & optimum benefit from usage of Fly Ash and allied products.A commitment to uncompromising quality, responsive service, competitive pricing through continuous innovation in process, productivity, motivated work force, efficient marketing and wide distribution network keeps us ahead in our mission to excel in our chosen fields.. Our Fly Ash is among the first classified and processed material being made available in India..
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    Fly ash is a fine grey powder consisting mostly of spherical glassy particles that are produced as a by-product in coal fired power stations. Fly ash has pozzalonic properties, meaning that it reacts with lime to form cementitious compounds. It is commonly known as a supplementary cementitious material.

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    Where Fly ash Comes From

    Fly ash is a by product of power generation in coal fired power stations. Within a power station, coal is fed to a series of mills that pulverise the coal to a very fine powder. This powder is then fed into a boiler which combusts the coal to produce heat, that is then used to produce steam required for power generation.

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    Benefits of using Fly Ash are

    1. Improves Workability and Consolidation 2.Increases Flexural and Compressive Strength 3.Reduces Bleeding and Segregation 4.Makes easier placement 5.Improves pump ability 6.Improves finish ability 7.Reduces water requirements 8.Improves durability 9.Reduces Heat of Hydration 10.Reduces Alkali Silica Reactivity 11.Workability 12.Ease of Pumping 13.Reduces Slump